Our trainings


The training policy forms a major pillar of the Adent Group’s strategy and values. The long-term development of our employees and the maintaining of their employability are at the heart of our policy.

Continuous training provides several benefits in terms of skills development, enhancement, support during changes, common culture and consequently the improvement in the quality of our company. We favour the transparency of our training system as well as the equity and accessibility of the training offered. We rely on the willingness of our employees to learn, as well as the contribution of managers in identifying the training requirements of their teams.

Training is considered as being of mutual interest to the employer and the employee. Adent Cliniques Dentaires Groupe SA offers a dynamic and modern environment in which the employees can acquire not only professional knowledge but also social skills. In return, Adent expects employees to take responsibility and to be prepared to contribute to their personal development.


Join the Adent Study Club!

Adent Study Club offers a friendly and interactive environment in which to discuss pertinent subjects. It will provide you with an excellent opportunity to remain informed of the latest innovations, to discuss cases, further develop your skills and share your experience whilst enjoying the company of your colleagues.