Holiday mishaps handled

When your child has a minor accident, it can really disrupt your family holiday. And, as we all know, in summer children are more likely than ever to run into these little accidents.

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, happy occasions, when your children have time to play and enjoy themselves.

Meals with friends or grandparents, complete with ice cream, sweets and large glasses of refreshing cold water… and then, suddenly, a hidden cavity strikes and causes excruciating dental pain.

A dive into the pool, a game of hide-and-seek in the house or tag out in the garden – accidents can happen quickly and teeth can be damaged as a result.

But don’t panic! Children and teenagers often suffer from these dental mishaps and our Adent clinics are on hand to help you in an emergency.

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Smile with us!

Smiling is good for your health and happiness. It is liberating, contagious and free!

People with healthy teeth smile more easily, appear more cheerful and laugh more; those who laugh often have a more positive approach to life and generally get a more positive response in return.

Smiling is an expression of quality of life. At Adent, we do our best to make sure that whatever the reason for your visit you will always leave with a smile.

We want you to have the best possible experience at our clinics, which is why we have methods to help anxious or scared patients with their treatments:

  • The use of local anaesthetics or surface anaesthetic gels for adults and children
  • Treatment under conscious sedation using nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This reduces stress and anxiety in children and adults and provides a sense of relaxation.

There are many reasons to smile at Adent!


Did you know? There are 8 advantages to smiling more:

  1. Smiling increases life expectancy
    People who smile more tend to live longer and appear younger. Smiling naturally reduces the appearance of age by at least 3 years and may extend life expectancy by up to 7 years.
  2. Smiling strengthens the immune system
    Smiling helps the body to relax. Relaxation allows the immune system to respond more quickly and effectively to threats.
  3. Smiling reduces stress
    Smiling naturally relieves stress. The symptoms of stress are visible on the face but a smile can help you appear less tired.
  4. Smiling decreases arterial blood pressure
    Smiling helps to reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate.
  5. Smiling increases productivity
    Smiling is good for efficiency at work: people who smile and stay in a good mood are generally more productive and work better. Smiling also aids concentration because it reduces the negative effect of stress.
  6. Smiling stimulates the brain
    The mental exercise of laughing helps to keep your brain engaged: according to the latest research humour is able to increase our mental flexibility and strengthen our mind against the challenges of life.
  7. Smiling strengthens social relations
    According to a study conducted in England, a genuine smile makes us more attractive and helps to strengthen social relationships.
  8. Smiling reduces pain
    Smiling and laughing help us to withstand pain – explaining the success of “clown-therapy” in hospitals around the world.

The unexpected benefits of smiling in a job interview

Smile, you’re hired!

Often a source of intense stress, the job interview is an important moment in our lives. It requires both professional skills and good presentation, so it’s important to be aware of your body language to ensure you make the best impression possible. In fact, the non-verbal seems to play a dominant and decisive role in our assessment of situations and our communication.

 A smile and the mechanics behind it can help to significantly increase our happiness levels. Several scientists have investigated this point and affirm that smiling helps our body to function better: it improves our state of mind, reduces our stress levels and makes us more attractive to other people. When we smile, we use 17 muscles in our face. This simple movement releases chemicals into the body that help it to relax and create a feeling of wellbeing.

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20 years of smiles together

In 2017 we celebrate 20 years! Adent became a pioneer of a new concept of dental care by the opening of the first clinic in Ecublens and today the Group is the only one present across the Suisse territory. More »