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Anna Maria DIMIOU

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Dr Anna Maria Dimiou is a referral dentist at the Adent Dental Clinic in Geneva, Les Nations. She accompanies the Head of Clinic – Tho Dang – for the smooth running of the clinic’s activities.

She completed her academic career as a dentist with a Master’s degree in prosthodontics and prosthetic implantology as well as a Master’s degree in clinical and surgical micro-endodontics.

Thanks to her expertise, Dr Dimiou can provide you with all types of dental care, from the most common to the fitting of prostheses (fixed, adjoining and on implants). She also provides endodontic care, which is the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp (the heart of the tooth) located in the root canals.

Dr Dimiou closely follows the advances in this field and uses the latest technology such as optical microscopes and magnifying glasses to maximise the effectiveness of her treatments.

Dr Dimiou and the Adent aux Nations Dental Clinic work regularly with children and use treatments adapted to their young age.