Mélanie PRIMEAU | Adent Dental Clinics
Dental hygienist


English , French

Mélanie Primeau is a dental hygienist at the Adent Dental Clinic in Lausanne-Gare.

She obtained her diploma as a dental hygienist in Canada. This hygienist regularly deepens her knowledge through ongoing training courses, especially in the field of tartar removal using the Guided Biofilm Therapy technique from EMS Dental. She also participates in dental trade shows. As a dental hygienist, Mélanie Primeau offers scaling, prevention and oral hygiene advice.

She also offers her patients the possibility of having professional dental whitening carried out at home or in the dental clinic. She also treats periodontal diseases in cooperation with periodontists. The patient’s cooperation is essential for the healing of tooth loosening, especially in the application of conscientious daily dental hygiene. In this way, she improves the dental situation in patients suffering from tooth loosening (periodontitis).

Melanie Primeau cares not only for adults, but also for children who can benefit from preventive dental care from an early age. The evolution of dental technology allows a gentle treatment, especially thanks to the wide range of resources available at the Adent Dental Clinic Lausanne-Gare.