Roxane LEUENBERGER | Adent Dental Clinics
Prophylaxis assistant


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Roxane Leuenberger is a dental assistant and prophylaxis assistant at the Adent Dental Clinic in Yverdon.

Roxane Leuenberger graduated as a dental assistant and then specialised in prophylaxis.

But what is the difference between a hygienist and a prophylaxis assistant?

At Adent, dental hygiene care is carried out by dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants. These dental health professionals each have their own area of expertise. As a patient, it is good to know the differences. This way you can ensure that the care you receive meets your needs.

A prophylaxis assistant (PA) is a qualified dental assistant. In addition to his/her basic training, he/she has completed a professional development course regulated by the SSO. This further training enables him/her to work independently. In addition to these activities as a dental assistant, the PA is responsible for the following services: preventive measures to maintain oral health, information and motivation of patients, removal of supra-gingival plaque deposits, tooth whitening. These tasks are always carried out under the supervision of the dentist.

The dental hygienist (HDH) performs the following tasks: obtaining, reviewing and interpreting diagnoses, drawing up treatment plans in consultation with the dentist and patient, treating periodontitis, removing over- and under- gum tartar, whitening teeth, taking X-rays, anaesthetising.

Roxane performs supra-gingival (above the gum) scaling procedures and gives advice on the prevention of gingivitis. Thanks to her experience, including with the elderly, she provides gentle care and advice to help you maintain a healthy mouth.