Spyridon BOBETSIS | Adent Dental Clinics


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Dr Spyridon Bobetsis is a dentist specialising in orthodontics. He works at the Adent Dental Clinic in Les Nations (Geneva).

Dr Spyridon Bobetsis is an orthodontist who specialises in tooth alignment treatments using discreet methods, such as the lingual technique. Lingual orthodontics consists of bonding brackets to the inner surfaces of the teeth, making the orthodontic treatment almost invisible. He also offers the invisible aligner technique, such as the Invisalign® system, which has already been proven successful by millions of patients. This technique with invisible aligners is suitable for adolescents and adults. It also uses the more “traditional” method with braces bonded to the outside of the teeth. A wire connecting the brackets to each other is gently pressed together, allowing the teeth to be gently moved into the desired position.

Thanks to Dr Bobetsis’ many years of experience and the various orthodontic techniques , you will be able to achieve a harmonious and functional smile with the technique that suits you best.

Dr Bobetsis and the Geneva – Nations Dental Clinic work regularly with children.