Thilo HAGEN | Adent Dental Clinics
Head of Clinic, Dentist


English , German

Dr Thilo Hagen is both Head of Clinic and a practising dentist at the Adent Dental Clinic in Zurich-Oerlikon.

Dr Thilo Hagen has a degree in dentistry and has subsequently specialised in various fields.
Thanks to his training in implants and dentures, Dr Thilo Hagen guides his patients in the insertion of crowns, bridges, model cast dentures, and partial and full dentures.
Dr Thilo Hagen is also experienced in dealing with high-risk patients (anticoagulation, radiotherapy and osteoporosis). He is proficient in various techniques in emergency dentistry: treatment of all traumatology including tooth loss, crown/root fractures, reimplantation, treatment of acute and chronic dental infections, and infections of the mouth, jaw and face.

Dr Thilo Hagen also specialises in oral surgery, where he performs a range of treatments including: tooth removal, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, apicoectomies with retrograde filling, diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosa, laser therapy, bone implantation and reconstruction.

Dr Thilo Hagen’s expertise allows him to make comprehensive diagnoses and provide treatments for patients affected by disorders of the temporomandibular joints and masticatory muscles. Dr Thilo Hagen also treats sleep apnoea syndrome in his patients.

Finally, Dr Thilo Hagen performs all treatments related to dental prevention (cavities and periodontal treatment), including prophylaxis, paediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry whitening and Invisalign and endodontics (including root canal revisions)). He will guide you in the perfect restoration of your dental comfort and aesthetics. In this way, he helps you achieve a healthy and harmonious smile.