Mouth care

My mouth, my health

The mouth: this central element

The mouth greatly contributes to self-confidence. Central element and visible to all, the smile transmits many emotions but also plays a major role in nutrition, communication and health

Various studies have shown the links between inflammation in the mouth and health problems. More than 600 different species of bacteria are present in our mouth. If your oral hygiene is insufficient, these bacteria develop and become virulent. Some may enter the bloodstream and cause damage. This is why it is essential to keep a healthy mouth to maintain a good general health.

If good habits become part of your daily routine, you can maintain a healthy smile. Regular oral hygiene is the key to good oral health. There is a wide range of accessories to clean your teeth: electric or manual toothbrushes, interdental brushes, toothpicks, dental floss, tongue scrapers, guide wire, mouthwash, etc. To get the right tips for maintaining your teeth, go to our oral hygienists. They will share with you the health tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy

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