Dental emergencies
And dental pain

Dental emergencies on Sundays and holidays - 365 days a year

Dental pain or trauma can occur at any moment. That’s why our dentists keep free slots every day to deal with dental emergencies.

From Monday to Saturday – during opening hours – we are able to take in charge your emergency dental needs. To benefit from the best support, kindly give us a call before coming to the dental clinic. In addition to the daily emergencies availabilities from Monday to Saturday, our dental clinic Adent Lausanne welcomes you on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm.

To give you the best support, kindly contact us before coming to the dental clinic.

Dental trauma: how to behave in case of accident


If possible, find the piece of broken tooth and contact the dentist immediately. Place the piece of tooth in a saline solution, saliva or milk. Depending on the break, the dentist may be able to easily reattach the piece of broken tooth.


If you lose your tooth, look for it! It could be saved and reimplanted. Contact the dentist immediately and do not touch the roots of the tooth. Place it in a saline solution, saliva or milk.


Do not manipulate the tooth and consult the dentist as soon as possible. Apply a compress in the event of bleeding.


Always consult a dentist after a blow to your teeth, even if there is no visible damage. Complications can arise a long time afterwards. It is thus important to document the event immediately in case of subsequent accident insurance claims.