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The Adent group comprises a network of dental clinics and laboratories throughout Switzerland. All dental specialisms are available at each of our clinics, offering you easier access to dental treatment. When you choose an Adent clinic, you know you will receive high-quality care provided by dentists recognised for their expertise.


At Adent, we know that dental pain or accidents can occur at any time. This is why our dentists reserve a number of time slots every day for the treatment of patients’ dental emergencies.

At Adent, we know that any age is the right age to align your smile. This is why our dental clinics offer orthodontic treatment for adults and children. Our orthodontists also offer customised orthodontic treatments which are almost invisible, such as Invisalign®.

Every Adent clinic offers all types of general dentistry treatment, giving you easier access to dental care. Thanks to our teams of general and specialist dentists and dental hygienists, you and your children can benefit from our comprehensive centres of dental skills.

Even with meticulous brushing, some bacteria remain lodged between your teeth, causing inflammation. Our dental hygienists carry out tartar removal for adults and children, and provide personal dental hygiene advice to help you perfect your daily oral hygiene regime.

Would you like to have white teeth? Adent dental clinics offer a range of options, including tooth whitening, to give you a whiter smile. Our dentists and dental hygienists will find the right aesthetic treatments for your needs.

Pass on good dental habits to your child as soon as their first teeth appear. At Adent, our dentists and dental hygienists help your children clean their teeth well using the appropriate tools. Our dentists can treat them from a very young age for various dental issues, including tooth decay, broken teeth, tartar removal, braces, or emergency treatment.

If one or more of your teeth are missing, a dental implant may be the solution. Working with our own Adent 3D dental laboratories and Swiss Dentec, our dentists find comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing solutions to give you back your smile. We find the answer together, be it an implant, crown, or complete or partial dentures.

Gingival recession (receding gums) is treated by our periodontists and dental hygienists, working together. If the bone and the tissue surrounding your tooth are affected by this condition, dental treatment is necessary to prevent it from progressing. Adent dental clinics provide professional care and treatment for the affected teeth.

Oral surgery procedures can also be performed at any of the Adent dental clinics. Our dentists carry out all types of oral surgery and have access to the most up-to-date technologies for the effective treatment of dental problems such as cysts or injuries, and to perform wisdom tooth extractions.

All dental treatments available again

Our Adent dental clinics are operational for all your dental care.

Dre Tho Dang talks to Katt Cullen | English Interview

Listen to the english interview with Dr. Tho Dang, orthodontic specialist at Adent Geneva-Nations.

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