Holiday mishaps handled

When your child has a minor accident, it can really disrupt your family holiday. And, as we all know, in summer children are more likely than ever to run into these little accidents.

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, happy occasions, when your children have time to play and enjoy themselves.

Meals with friends or grandparents, complete with ice cream, sweets and large glasses of refreshing cold water… and then, suddenly, a hidden cavity strikes and causes excruciating dental pain.

A dive into the pool, a game of hide-and-seek in the house or tag out in the garden – accidents can happen quickly and teeth can be damaged as a result.

But don’t panic! Children and teenagers often suffer from these dental mishaps and our Adent clinics are on hand to help you in an emergency.

What to do?

Preventing tooth decay

Taking care of your child’s teeth means ensuring they have good oral hygiene, but in particular preventing unforeseen problems. Regular dental check-ups and good oral and dental hygiene help to prevent and treat tooth decay in young children.

What to do if your child loses or damages a tooth

Once your child is calmed down, find the lost or broken piece of tooth and preserve it in a saline solution (available from the chemist), saliva or milk. Avoid water and paper.

It is important to bring your child to the clinic immediately after their accident. Find your nearest dental clinic during the week, at the weekend or on public holidays. We will keep a slot free to put a smile back on your child’s face.

What to do in the event of an accident? You can find all the information here.