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The creative craftsmen for your smile.

The quality of dental prostheses is an essential part of successful treatment. The choice of the laboratory producing them is therefore a major factor.

In order to guarantee consistently cutting-edge quality, Adent has set up its own internal Adent 3D laboratories | Dental Design Department.

Located within the Yverdon, Ecublens and Charmilles-C1 clinics, the laboratories provide direct proximity to dental technicians. This special relationship between patient, dentist and technician makes possible the creation of fixed and removable dental reconstructions, combining aesthetics with Swiss excellence.

Using expertise combined with new technology, all prostheses are made to order by craftsmen, and offer a broad range of solutions and treatments for everyone: Silensor anti-snoring inserts, whitening inserts, complete reconstruction using dental implants, partial and complete dentures, dental crowns, and sports gumshields. In some cases, using innovative materials has made it possible to phase out the use of metal in favour of biocompatibility.

Adent 3D laboratories work in partnership with many dentists in the private sector who also seek excellence.

Adent 3D is thus engaged in continuous development. To guarantee this same quality in clinics where Adent 3D has not worked before, long-term partnership contracts have been concluded with local Swiss laboratories whose quality has been validated by our practitioners and technicians.

This close collaboration ensures our exceptionally  high “Swiss madequality standards and also shortens the production time for the various prosthetic components.


Route de Lausanne 51
1020 Renens
021 552 44 33

Zone commerciale en Chamard
1400 Yverdon
024 447 40 00

Rue de Lyon 87
1203 Genève
022 388 02 00


The dental laboratories Adent 3D | Dental Design Department are present in three distinct locations in French-speaking Switzerland: Yverdon, Geneva and Ecublens. These locations allow us to work in close collaboration with the dental clinics of the Adent Group. Proximity allows us to be reactive and to travel to the patient when necessary.

With more than 9 qualified dental technicians, our laboratories are the artisans of dental prostheses. Thanks to our expertise, we create the smile of tomorrow. Dental veneer, dental crown, anti-snoring tray, whitening tray, etc. Dental veneer, dental crown, anti-snoring gutter, whitening gutter, etc.: we provide all types of dental prostheses to our patients.

As head of the Adent 3D | Dental Design Department laboratories, I have developed high quality criteria, in particular thanks to strict realization protocols. We offer practitioners and patients superior service and extensive availability.

The dental world and the profession of dental technician are constantly evolving. As a pioneer, we follow these developments and adapt to technology. The digitization of data (especially dental impressions), the machining of teeth (the size) as well as the 3D printing of dental prostheses are among the major developments and changes that apply in our dental laboratories Adent 3D | Dental Design Department. We are proud to offer technological and high-end service in the realization of our dental prostheses.

Philip Aymonier
Dental Technical Manager
Adent 3D laboratory