Ana-Maria MORENT | Adent Dental Clinics

Ana-Maria MORENT

French , German , Romanian , Spanish

Dr Ana-Maria Morent is a dentist practicing at the Adent Dental Clinic in St. Gallen.

Ana-Maria Morent holds a degree in dentistry and is specialised in periodontics as well as cosmetic and functional dentistry. Thanks to her specialisation in periodontology, she can help you prevent, diagnose and treat periodontal diseases (diseases that affect the tissues around the teeth). She will help you achieve a healthy and harmonious smile.

Dr Ana-Maria Morent also regularly performs dental treatments with nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Nitrous oxide is used for people with phobias or fear of going to the dentist and is used both for children and adults. The use of nitrous oxide consists of a sedation technique in which gas is inhaled. This practice relaxes, reduces stress, promotes a sense of well-being and facilitates fully conscious dental treatment.

This practitioner is fluent in German, Romanian, Spanish and French.

Dr Ana-Maria Morent and the Adent Dental Clinic in St. Gallen work regularly with children and use treatments adapted to their young age.

Finally, Ana-Maria Morent is also the author of the scientific article published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine: Dose-depending green tea effect on decrease of inflammation in human oral gingival epithelial kerotinocytes via Nrf2/ HO-1 signal pathway.