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Dental hygienist

Christelle GERMANIER

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Christelle Germanier is a dental hygienist graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Hygienistes Dentaires – ESHYD since 2010. She works at the Saint-François Dental Centre, member of the Adent Group.

She is specialised in oral hygiene and dental prevention for both adults and children. Indeed, children can also benefit from preventive dental care and cleaning advice from an early age. As soon as teeth appear in the mouth, there is a possibility of tartar accumulation on the surface of the enamel as well as plaque. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, these deposits must be removed at regular intervals.

Christelle Germanier will teach you the proper oral hygiene techniques for optimal prevention of tooth decay and receding gums. She also uses professional teeth whitening techniques to improve the colour of your teeth. The Saint-François Dental Centre offers customised dental whitening, to be carried out at home or directly at the dental clinic. Would you like more information about dental whitening? Contact us.

Trained in GBT: Guided Biofilm Therapy® by EMS Dental – she applies the concept of “Perio Dental Care” for a painless and minimally invasive approach to treating gum problems around natural teeth and dental implants.