José MAGRINHO DIAS | Adent Dental Clinics


English , French , Portuguese

Dr José Magrinho Dias practices in the Adent Dental Clinics of Geneva – Nations and Ecublens.

Dr Magrinho Dias has a degree in dentistry and has completed postgraduate studies in implantology. In addition to his 20 years of experience with dental implants, he has a great mastery of the CEREC as he has conducted training sessions for several years. CEREC is a technological tool that allows the automatic cutting of a dental restoration whose images have been scanned and sent digitally.

Dr Magrinho Dias has also been trained in the tooth alignment method called Invisalign® Go. With the help of invisible and discreet aligners, you will obtain the harmonious alignment of your teeth.

Thanks to his multiple expertise, Dr Magrinho Dias offers a complete range of dental care. He also takes care of children with treatments adapted to thier young age.