Karinne PHILIPONA-ESPINOZA | Adent Dental Clinics


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Karinne Philipona-Espinoza is a dentist at the Adent Dental Clinic in Lausanne-Blécherette.

Holder of a diploma in dental surgery, Dr Karinne Philipona-Espinoza is a general dental practitioner: she will therefore receive you for all types of routine dental care. She can treat cavities, root canals, place crowns and extract wisdom teeth.

Dr Karinne Philipona-Espinoza also offers treatments for people who are anxious about going to the dentist, which she performs under hypnosis or nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”. If you too dread going to the dentist, you should read this article to rid yourself of your fears once and for all!