Latifa DIDI | Adent Dental Clinics
Head of clinic, Dentist

Latifa DIDI

Arabic , English , French

Dr Latifa Didi is a general practitioner and practices at the Adent Dental Clinic in Meyrin. As head of the clinic, she manages a complete team of dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants and ensures the smooth running of the dental clinic.

Dr Latifa Didi holds a federal diploma in dentistry and oral surgery from the University of Geneva and is now specialised in surgery and cosmetic dentistry. In addition to the most common dental treatments such as the treatment of dental caries, surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, repair of broken teeth, restoration of teeth with dental crowns, she helps you to regain a harmonious smile. She also has strong skills in dental treatments with onlays (small prosthetic pieces of composite or ceramic made in the lab that are bonded to a decayed tooth) and dental veneers.

Thanks to her years of experience, Dr Latifa Didi treats adults as well as children with an adapted approach.