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Mounir BAHRI

English , French

Dr BAHRI is a specialist in orthodontics. He practises in the Adent Dental Clinics in Yverdon, Monthey-Crochetan and Monthey-Gare.

He studied at the University of Paris Descartes where he obtained his degree in dental surgery in 2008. He then obtained a specialisation in orthodontics at the same faculty.

Dr Mounir Bahri was a teaching assistant in orthodontics at the same faculty and completed his training with a university diploma in lingual orthodontics. Placed on the inside of the teeth, lingual braces are practically invisible, unlike visible dental braces which, although more discreet and more aesthetic nowadays, are still visible. Find out more about Adent’s techniques for orthodontic treatment here.

Thanks to the various techniques for aligning the teeth that he has mastered, he offers treatment for both children and adults. For adults, the existence of discreet orthodontic treatments allows for alignment at any age.

Dr Bahri offers treatment with Invisalign® technology (custom-made invisible aligners or the application of brackets bonded to the inner surfaces of the teeth.