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Olivier MARMY

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Dr. Olivier Marmy is dentist at the Dental Clinic of Lausanne-Gare, which he founded in 1991.

Dr Olivier Marmy holds a federal diploma in dentistry from the University of Geneva and is specialised in reconstructive dentistry. After a demanding post-graduate training, he obtained the title of CH specialist in reconstructive dentistry.

He is distinguished by his mastery of CEREC technology. This computerised system of computer-assisted design allows for the efficient realisation of dental restorations (e.g. veneers, dental crowns) in a single session. This technology is conservative and respectful of dental structures.

Dr Marmy also receives you for all prosthetic and cosmetic treatments, but also for functional disorders and jaw pain (myoarthropathies or SADAM – Syndrome Algodysfonctionnel De L’appareil Manducateur).

Dr Olivier Marmy was previously a lecturer at the University of Geneva. Today, he is particularly active in the field of public health and health policy. He is a member of the International College of Dentists and of the committee of the SSO (Swiss Society of Dentists). He is also an active lecturer on topics such as myoarthropathies of the masticatory apparatus.