Thilani BALACHANDRAN | Adent Dental Clinics


English , French , Tamil

Dr Thilani Balachandran is a dentist at the Adent Dental Clinic in Geneva-Charmilles.

She holds a Master’s degree in dentistry from the University of Geneva, as well as a federal diploma. Today, Dr Thilani Balachandran is a general practitioner, which means that she can provide all types of dental care. Thanks to her expertise, she can take care of all general dental care, whitening, root canal treatment. She performs conservative care thanks to restorative techniques which are constantly evolving and which she applies in her daily practice (onlay, veneer, etc.). To find out more about the restorative techniques offered by Adent, click here!

Dr Thilani Balachandran and the Adent Dental Clinic in Geneva-Charmilles regularly work with children and use treatments adapted to their young age.