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Dental scaling with the Guided Biofilm Technology

We all agree that brushing your teeth is essential, but do we have the same idea for scaling?

Dental hygiene, Let’s take time out to talk about it?

We all agree that brushing your teeth is essential, but do we have the same idea for scaling?

We, at Adent, are not here to judge you, we are here to talk about it!

Often neglected, scaling is easily put aside due to lack of time, desire and money. Let’s face it, it is not everyone’s main priority. At Adent, we attach great importance to prevention and dental hygiene. Thanks to them, your dental condition is maintained in good health.

With just 2 appointments a year, scaling will ensure the protection of your teeth and gums against all kinds of unwanted attacks! But let’s be honest, for good oral hygiene, it is essential to play your part daily, in addition to regular scaling with your dental hygienist.

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The latest prevention and treatment technology for the removal of tartar, stains and biofilm. GBT®

Prevention is better than cure!

This is Adent’s ambition for our patients’ oral hygiene. Our dental hygienists become real coachs to ensure short and long-term results! Adent dental clinics are constantly adapting to developments in medico-dental technology to provide you with optimal quality of care and more comfort.

The [GBT] Guided Biofilm Therapy® is an innovative approach developed by EMS Dental for the removal of biofilm, stains and tartar from your teeth. This painless technique can be applied to natural teeth as well as to restorations and dental implants.

Benefit from a complete and gentle scaling thanks to the expertise of our dental hygienists combined with the latest technologies. The [GBT] Guided Biofilm Therapy® is a minimally invasive solution, offering more comfort during dental care. It is suitable for both adults and children.

At Adent, we want to make dental hygiene care accessible, even pleasant, and above all, personal. Your well-being is important to us and we want to provide you with the best possible dental care and advice in the surgery but also at home.

Together, we will take the time to answer your questions and advise you. Act now for the health of your mouth and teeth!

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Scaling with GBT®: preventive and painless treatment at Adent
1. Make an appointment for a scaling at the clinic of your choice

Take advantage of this moment to sit in the chair and let yourself be pampered by your dental hygienist who will check the condition of your gums and your oral hygiene. If necessary, x-rays will complete this examination. Then, it’s time for scaling with the ultramodern technique from EMS Dental: the Guided Biofilm Therapy – GBT®. A gentle treatment for your teeth and gums!

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2. Let’s start scaling!

The hygienist highlights the biofilm on your teeth with a purple dye. Areas with
biofilm are visible and targeted for cleaning:

Awareness: the colouring applied to your teeth allows the dental hygienist to advise you and show you the areas to favour during your next brushing.

Removal: of biofilm & newly-formed tartar but also stains (caffeine, theine, etc.) – above and below your gums.

Control: a check-up is carried out to check that there is no trace of biofilm,
dental tartar or stains on your teeth.

3. Monitoring & maintaining your oral hygiene

Once the treatment is complete, it’s time to discover your teeth free from tartar and stains ?. And to keep your teeth smooth, listen to your hygienist’s advice on brushing.

Follow-up: regular check-ups and follow-ups are recommended on average twice a year to maintain your oral hygiene in good condition.

It’s your turn! Your mouth, your health

Biofilm, what is it?!

It is a cluster of bacteria, coated in a matrix. attached to the surface of your teeth, the biofilm creates protection for bacteria. it is therefore important to remove it regularly.

FAQ – Dental scaling

Why carry out scaling?

Scaling is the removal of biofilm and tartar that has accumulated on your teeth. Even with regular and rigorous brushing, deposits build up on your teeth in places that are inaccessible to your toothbrush or dental floss Your dental hygienist, equipped with technological and painless instruments, removes these deposits as well as the stains due to theine, caffeine or even nicotine.

Also, during this session, your dental hygienist will give you adequate advice to avoid the recurrence of deposits on your teeth. Regularly removing tartar and dental plaque deposits limits inflammation in your gums and the tissues around your teeth.

Scaling is therefore used to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

Who should consider scaling?

Scaling is intended for all people with natural teeth but also false teeth. Yes, tartar and dental plaque also stick to dental restorations such as dental veneers and crowns as well as dentures.

We also recommend dental scaling in children. The build-up of tartar and dental plaque is possible from an early age, in fact, as soon as there are teeth in the mouth. It is also an opportunity for the dental hygienist to explain to them the right steps to adopt when cleaning their teeth.

How often should dental scaling be carried out?

At Adent, we recommend scaling on average twice a year. Obviously, the frequency of appointments varies according to the type of pathologies encountered in the mouth (presence of loosening, increased accumulation of dental plaque or tartar, severe inflammation of the gums, etc.). The frequency of scaling is discussed between you and your hygienist, according to personal needs.

What are the differences between a dental hygienist and a prophylaxis assistant?

At Adent, our teams are made up of dental hygienists as well as prophylaxis assistants.

The dental hygienist performs supra and subgingival scaling (above and below the
gum). They are the experts in prevention, dental scaling and curettage in the presence of periodontal pockets (loosening). They sometimes work under anaesthesia and take care of simple to complex cases (for example in the presence of loosening).

The prophylaxis assistant takes care of so-called “simple” cases – with no loosening and small areas of dental plaque and tartar. They do not penetrate below the gum line; their scaling zone is located only above the gum line.

How long does dental scaling take?

The duration of scaling for an adult is on average 1 hour. However, it is better to say that it is specific to each patient. Indeed, the amount of tartar, dental plaque, oral condition, the sensitivity of the enamel, etc., all have an impact on the duration of dental scaling. Naturally, if the initially planned duration was not sufficient to take care of you, an additional appointment would be scheduled.

More questions?

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