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Andreas GRABER

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Dr Andreas Graber is a dentist at the Rennbahn Dental Clinic in Muttenz. He is very experienced in the treatment of children and adults.

Dr Andreas Graber graduated from the University of Zurich in 2018 with a Master of Dental Medicine and therefore a Federal Diploma in Dentistry. Whether it is an annual dental check-up, caries or root canal treatment, dental prostheses or dental cosmetics, Dr Andreas Graber is available for all routine dental care.

He originally worked as a doctor of internal medicine and surgery. Due to several urgent patients with intra-oral lesions, which he encountered during his surgical activity at the Cantonal Hospital in Liestal, his interest later turned to dentistry. He wanted to become an “oral and facial surgeon”, which required further training in dentistry, which he then successfully completed in Zurich. He was so fascinated by the challenges and activities of dentistry that he now works as a general dentist.