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Dentist, practice dedicated to orthodontics

Frédérique DAVANNE

English , French

Frédérique Davanne practises orthodontics. She works in the Adent Dental Clinic in Ecublens.

She graduated as a dentist in 2008 and then went on to practice orthodontics. In parallel to her private practice, she was a hospital orthodontic assistant from 2010 to 2013. After obtaining a university degree in dento-maxillofacial orthopaedics in 2013, Dr Davanne obtained Invisalign® certification. This method has been proven to work for millions of patients around the world. This minimally invasive method is ideal for people who want discreet orthodontic treatment for adults and children. She has mastered several orthodontic techniques and treats both adults and children for orthodontic treatment.

For children, she offers a holistic approach that aims to identify functional disorders (e.g. incorrect tongue positioning or breathing through the mouth rather than the nose) that may be the cause of orthodontic problems. Early interception of functional disorders in children allows for effective treatment.

Dr Davanne also works in partnership with maxillofacial surgeons to combine surgical correction of the jaws when necessary in adults.

She has also trained in medical hypnosis at the Institut Romand d’Hypnose Suisse (IRHyS). The use of hypnosis in the dental practice helps to reduce stress and better manage fear and apprehension of the dentist.

Frédérique Davanne is a member of the SSO – the Swiss Society of Dentists – the legitimate representative of the body of dentists practizing in Switzerland.