Wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, appear at the back of your mouth, after your molars. Hidden under the gums, wisdom teeth generally emerge between the age of 16 and 24. Although there are usually four, sometimes they do not erupt or simply none are there at all.

Nature does not always do things well and does not always leave room to allow for the eruption of wisdom teeth. Toothbrush access can also prove difficult and lead to poor wisdom tooth cleaning, which promotes the appearance of cavities. Sometimes wisdom teeth are also crooked, irritating the surrounding tissue and hollowing out the enamel of the neighbouring tooth.

How do you prevent infections and other diseases in wisdom teeth?

In order to prevent irritation and other dental cavities that may occur with wisdom teeth, a regular visit to your dentist is recommended. Visual inspection and x-rays are necessary to verify the proper positioning and good health of wisdom teeth. Panoramic radiography allows for an all-around view of the position of wisdom teeth in the arcade of the oral cavity.

If extraction is required, the dentist and patient schedule an appointment. If wisdom teeth are still present under the gum, dental surgery is required.

In most cases, surgical procedures are performed under local anaesthesia, directly at the dental practice by a qualified dentist.

In what situations does a wisdom tooth have to be extracted?

  • Presence of infection around the wisdom tooth or anticipation of future complications
  • Presence of cavities on the wisdom tooth and difficulty in cleaning the area
  • Lack of space or malposition: the wisdom tooth cannot erupt in optimal alignment
  • Following orthodontic treatment to avoid recurrence
  • If wisdom teeth are partially erupted, this may lead to bacteria that can cause an infection


If you are afraid of the dentist, do not hesitate to ask for treatment under hypnosis or nitrous oxide. Our doctors are available to advise you.

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