Ulises CALDERON | Adent Dental Clinics


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Dr Ulises Calderon is a dentist at the Adent Dental Clinic in Geneva – Charmilles.

Dr Ulises Calderon holds a Swiss federal diploma in dentistry and provides all general dental treatments. He also holds a diploma as a dental surgeon in Peru. Afterwards, he decided to specialise in reconstructive dentistry at the University of Geneva, surgical and prosthetic implantology in Paris and oral rehabilitation and implantology in Bordeaux. He also has a post-graduate certificate in Biomaterials and was a dental assistant in the division of fixed prosthetics and biomaterials at the University of Geneva from 2015 to 2020.
Thanks to his different specialities, Dr Ulises Calderon brings solutions to your fixed and removable prosthetic dental problems. He also specialises in chewing disorders, as well as pain and joint disorders. Thanks to him, you will have an aesthetic smile and the joy of showing it, without feeling any discomfort.

Dr Ulises Calderon is the author of several scientific articles on the subject of dental implants and prostheses and also regularly gives lectures on the following subjects

  • dental implantology
  • digital dentistry
  • fixed prosthesis on implants
  • dental preparations for fixed prosthesis
  • prognosis of tooth survival
  • Bruxism

Finally, Dr Ulises Calderon was awarded the International Team for Implantology Excellence Scholarship at the University of Geneva in 2014 and 2015, as well as the Laureate Research Grant in 2016.