General dentistry

Oral health is of crucial importance to the well-being of each individual.

Dental care is part of basic medical care. Various studies have shown the links between inflammation in the mouth and health problems. There are over 600 species of bacteria in our mouth. Some may enter the bloodstream and cause damage: cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory diseases, joint inflammation, risk of premature delivery.

Regular dental hygiene and periodic controls are the keys to good oral health and a beautiful smile. Smiling prolongs life expectancy, reduces stress and causes a positive impact on the person. A beautiful healthy smile therefore gives confidence and well-being in everyday life, in professional and personal life and does not affect the health of the body.

It is for this reason that we offer our patients complete dental care. One of the innovations underlying the constant development of Adent clinics is to have – under the same roof – experienced and complementary practitioners across the entire healthcare chain of modern dentistry.

We offer all current dental treatment for prevention and repair in adults and children : root canal treatment, filling and repair of broken teeth, extractions, treatment of decay and gum problems (gingivitis, gingival recession, periodontitis, abscess, etc.), orthodontics and aesthetic care.

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