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Professional teeth whitening in just 10 minutes.

The BlancOne® brand of professional teeth whitening offers a range of teeth whitening treatments (BlancOne® CLICK and BlancOne® TOUCH) with varying intensity, depending on your needs. This technology, which respects the sensitivity of your teeth, offers natural results for bright, white teeth in just 10 minutes from application. At Adent, this teeth whitening treatment is performed only by professionals who have completed BlancOne® training.

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The new prevention and treatment technology to remove biofilm, stains and tartar.

A new approach to professional prophylaxis developed by EMS Dental, Guided Biofilm Therapy® [GBT] contributes to good oral and dental hygiene thanks to deep cleaning. The techniques involved use innovative technology for effective but gentle treatment of natural teeth, dental restorations and implants.

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Adent uses the latest technology in the field of dentistry to ensure optimum results and comfort in caring for its patients.

The use of an optical microscope enhances the overall visibility of the very fine details associated with a tooth that are not otherwise visible to the naked eye, thus improving the precision and quality of dental treatment.


Painless, stress-free dental treatment.

Nitrogen protoxide, or MEOPA, – induces conscious sedation using an odourless gas which acts to calm and relax stressed, phobic or anxious patients during dental treatment. It can be used for both adults and children, and is applied through simple inhalation using a nasal mask. It brings on a state of relaxation for the patient thus allowing the practitioner to carry out his work under ideal conditions.


This technological aid scans your teeth and then displays the image on a 3-dimensional screen.

The quality of dental care is improved by the integration of digital technology into the procedure. The digital scanner takes highly accurate dental impressions seamlessly and naturally.


This enables a softer approach to dental care by reducing dental trauma and improving comfort during treatment.

Among other things, this technology is used to repair cavities, clean infections and cuts in the gum without pain. It ensures optimal precision during operations.


Hundreds of clear, accurate images obtained from a single X-ray.

This makes it possible to view the mouth from various angles, enhancing understanding and optimising interpretation and treatment.


Effective, discreet orthodontics for adults.

Invisalign® is designed to treat a broad range of orthodontic problems, ranging from minor dental displacements to more complex cases. The Invisalign® device provides lasting alignment of the teeth using a series of transparent, removable, invisible inserts, custom-made for your teeth. Every time you replace your inserts (i.e. every two weeks) your teeth will have gently moved – little by little, week after week, until they reach the prescribed end-position. Comfortable, transparent and removable – Invisalign® transforms your smile without affecting your daily life. Over 4 million patients around the world have already discovered this.


This digital technology detects cavities painlessly.

The intraoral camera has the advantage of pain-free detection of cavities. It is also used to help detect open or emerging carious lesions above the gum. X-rays are replaced by a digital imaging system.


Your dental crown in a single session.

This dental restoration method produces a custom-made dental crown in a single session. The ceramic crown is produced by means of a combination of several computer-assisted technologies (3D photography and manufacturing assisted by  computer program).