Intra-oral cameras, a high-precision technology also used for orthodontics

If you ever worn a dental appliance, you will know the unpleasant feeling of having an impression of your teeth taken using horrible-tasting gel. Everyone who has been through this remembers it well. This technique – used for orthodontics among other things – is rarely a happy memory… particularly for children.

Intra-oral cameras (or scanners): a simple and effective solution

At Adent, we are constantly working to make your treatment more comfortable. This is why we have purchased intra-oral scanners as an alternative solution to the unpleasant gel. Useful for orthodontic treatment, this cutting-edge technological tool means that your teeth can simply be scanned without any discomfort or unpleasantness.

The scanner comprises a camera set in its own handle and takes photos of your mouth. Thanks to its high precision, these digital images of your oral cavity are reproduced in 3D in great detail. Used alongside radiography, the digital image provides valuable information for your orthodontic treatment. We are seeking the very best results for your smile.


Other advantages of this technology…

A better experience for you

Digital precision

A simpler process for taking an impression

Time savings


As mentioned above, the experience is much better compared with the traditional method using gel – both for you, the patient and also for the dentist. But this technology is most reassuring for the orthodontic treatment of children. If your children are nervous, a digital impression using the intra-oral camera will make the experience easier and more pleasant and help them feel calm and relaxed about their treatment. What could be better when starting orthodontics?

Find the scanners in our clinics of Aubonne, Ebikon, Ecublens, Genève Eaux-Vives, Meyrin and Yverdon.