Wisdom teeth

How do you prevent infections and other diseases in wisdom teeth? In what situations does a wisdom tooth have to […]

Periodontitis or loose teeth

Periodontitis is a disease that affects the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth in your mouth. Discover our article to […]

We transform! Clinique Dentaire de Genève becomes Adent Cliniques Dentaires

Groupe Adent is pleased to fully integrate these two clinics into the Adent universe

Intra-oral cameras, a high-precision technology also used for orthodontics

If you ever worn a dental appliance, you will know the unpleasant feeling of having an impression of your teeth […]

Adent goes digital! The imminent arrival of intra-oral cameras

Always at the forefront of technology, Adent is now working with the respected Swiss technology Straumann®. Keen to keep up […]

Holiday mishaps handled

When your child has a minor accident, it can really disrupt your family holiday. And, as we all know, in […]

Smile with us

People with healthy teeth smile more easily, appear more cheerful and laugh more; those who laugh often have a more […]