All dental treatments available and in complete safety.

All dental treatments available and in complete safety.

Say goodbye to the panic fear of the dentist!

Going to the dentist? Not for me! Discover all our solutions to face dentophobia!

Dre Tho Dang talks to Katt Cullen | English Interview

Listen to the english interview with Dr. Tho Dang, orthodontic specialist at Adent Geneva-Nations.

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We are pleased to welcome you again since April 27th for all dental treatments.

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Dental hypersensitivity and dental pain

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Pregnancy and dental hygiene: what are the links?

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Wisdom teeth

How do you prevent infections and other diseases in wisdom teeth? In what situations does a wisdom tooth have to […]

Periodontitis or loose teeth

Periodontitis is a disease that affects the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth in your mouth. Discover our article to […]